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Why You Have to Love Me ... Faith the MinPin

Gotta Love Me ... Faith the MinPin

Faith says, "Ya Just Gotta Love Me!"

Everybody loves me, Faith the MinPin. I'm so cute and friendly to everyone. My tail is always wagging because I'm so happy to be alive. Even if I misbehave, I'm still cute and will make you smile and cheer you up. Even if I steal your food ... you'll still love me. You won't even be mad at me when I wake you up at the crack of dawn. Cause when I'm up ... everyone else should be up too! It's too nice a day to waste sleeping.

Faith in the Pool

Faith says, "Showin' off for brother Teal'c"!"

I'm also the known as the world famous "Swim Pin", cause I am the best swimming Miniature Pinscher in the whole world. I like to jump in the pool, and lay on my raft, and play ball in the water, and swim for snacks and life is just wonderful when I am in the pool!!!

So remember, if you need cheering up, if you'd like to share your snacks and need some lovin' first thing in the mornin' ... just call Faith the MinPin and I will brighten your day!

Have Some Faith
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