Teal'c the Largest MinPin


Teal'c the Largest MinPin


They say that man's best friend is his Dog. It's also mentioned that dog's provide "unconditional love". Teal'c the Largest MinPin provides both. Teal'c says, I'm really just the World's Best German Shepherd. But to make my family happy, I'll just be one of the "MinPin Gang" as a sign of "Unconditional Love". As long as every once in awhile, someone needs to play Frisbee or Football with me says Teal'c. He's ready to play at any time. He even enjoys a good game of chase with the Mexican MinPin, Sammy. Although Teal'c suspects that she is really a Chihuahua. But to the Pins, she's a MinPin too.

Teal'c and His Family;Teal'c says, "My main job is to watch over my smaller brothers and sisters and niece. I herd them into place when ever it's time for good behavior."



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