The MinPins Help Other Puppies"

(Miniature Pinschers (MinPins) are known in the Dog World as the "King of Toys"
Kings take care of their own and help provide all puppies homes.

Let's Give A Puppy a Home!


The MinPins are thankful that they have a good home. Sammi the Oochihuahua was even rescued from the SPCA and says she's grateful to be off the streets and is so happy to have a family to be a part of with brothers and sisters to play with and nice beds to sleep in. So the MinPins all give a Howl for everyone to provide a home for a puppy that may have lost their family. They say put your paw on one of the links below to get information to rescue a puppy, save a MinPin or donate to save an animal or give a puppy a home.

Visit Miniature Pinscher Rescue and get some information on how you can rescue a MinPin anywhere in the U.S..
AHS is the state's leading animal welfare agency and operates the largest shelter-based trauma center in the southwest and runs the only animal rescue and cruelty investigation program. As a non-profit organization, It relies solely on donations to safeguard, rescue, shelter, heal, and advocate for more than 44,000 animals annually
The ASPCA Guardians are people like you who make donations that provide a resources allowing us to focus more on our lifesaving programs, that make a difference for animals every month of the year.


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